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Nature – a Clear Window to Healing

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” – Rachel Carson

It’s no secret in the medical field that physical healing is frequently aided by the mental and emotional benefits of nature. Warm sunshine, gentle raindrops, wispy clouds, starlit skies – all can have a profound effect on one’s mental, and thus physical, well-being.

In any branch of the medical field, the goal is the same – help the patient return to wellness. Though there are many different paths to success, one thing can be agreed upon: mentality matters, and views of nature can aid in the process.

Many medical facilities already recognize the power of nature to healing as seen in their décor and landscaping. Some institutions boast courtyards in their complex, or a soothing fountain in their lobby area. All these are relevant provisions in engaging the mind in the healing process. One simple solution, however, is often overlooked: clean, clear windows.

Of all the conditions doctors’ or dentists’ offices, hospitals, or nursing care facilities can affect, sparkling clean windows represent one of the simplest, most economical solutions to calmed spirits, restful minds, and happy patients (and staff 😊). With the windows as a pre-existing condition of the building, maintaining them simply makes sense to the upkeep of your investment.

Proper window cleaning is a skill which serves as preventative maintenance to your investment and promotes improved patient care. The difficulty lies in the procedure itself. Many facilities have large numbers of windows – enough that maintenance crews can’t hope to keep up – especially with other duties as priority. Even small offices struggle to create that streak-free sparkle. As any doctor knows, expert tools and techniques matter.

Hiring a professional to clean your windows can seem daunting. All medical institutions face the dilemma of hiring a contractor due to the unique insurance and scheduling concerns in the industry. Whether a physician’s complex, chiropractic center, optometrist’s building, surgery center, dental facility, long or short-term care establishment, or even urgent care facility, the symptoms are the same.

Thankfully, Anew Contractors are as qualified in treating medical facilities as the doctors are at treating their patients. With four different types of insurance protection and experienced, non-invasive scheduling skills, Anew alleviates the pain of hiring a pro.

Anew Contractors specializes in exterior cleaning of medical facilities and are fully approved by reputable firms; with a little research, you might find they’re already set up for your facility’s requirements. Their painless, customizable “Set it and Forget it” program makes maintaining your windows routine – no more worries.

Whether you’re the property manager, director of maintenance or housekeeping, or even the custodian, your position’s success is a vital part of patient recovery and well-being. Anew Contractors is ready to come to your aid, reflecting the same quality you promote.

Find the relief you’ve been seeking.

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Making Memories that Last

Your hand slips slightly from the beads of water on your glass as you raise the cool beverage to your lips. You smile at the children laughing in the kiddie pool just beyond your deck-perch. Laughing yourself, you call them in to get ready for dinner, your mouth watering already with the pleasant aroma of backyard barbeque. The kids’ wet footprints and dripping swimsuits dot your deck with tiny puddles. Soon, others will arrive for an evening of memories shared and made anew.

This is summertime in Indiana.

We know the good weather and opportunity for outdoor time will only last so long. Preserving your precious memories is paramount. Protecting your time to make those memories is equally important. Caring for your well-chosen investment of your deck, pergola, and other outdoor wood structures that provide those precious memories just makes good sense.

As wonderful as the warm summer sun, drip-droppy footprints, smoky barbeque, and lots of foot traffic are for preserving memories, they aren’t so good at preserving your deck. Hot sun dries the wood; water expands it, creating cracks; and lots of foot traffic and food debris take their toll on your wood surfaces. Add to that the reality of Indiana’s changing seasons, and your investment in money and memories can quickly lose it’s luster if not properly maintained.

Thankfully, Anew Contractors knows how to clean, prepare, and maintain your deck to give you many years of memories. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Evaluate its current condition; no need to invest more than necessary, no point in doing less.
  2. Pre-treat the wood to kill mildew and loosen dead fibers – deck busters if left unchecked.
  3. Clean the wood of dirt, debris, mold, algae, etc. with their soft-wash pressure washing system.
  4. Condition the wood to restore proper moisture and original color – big results, but not done yet!
  5. Apply a true, wood-preserving oil stain for a beautiful finish to last from kindergarten kiddie pool to grade school birthday parties.

While you’re welcome to spend your hard-earned weekends stripping, preparing, cleaning, conditioning, staining, and sealing your deck yourself, Anew Contractors can have you back on deck faster and save you the hassle and the money of lower-quality DIY products and equipment. (Of course, they’re also available to come re-do the DIY job later after it starts to peel. 😉)

OR …

You can call Anew Contractors to do the job right the first time (look at their reviews!) and while they’re at it, they can restore and maintain your wood *fence, pergola, wooden shed or other structure. In the meantime, you can relax, enjoy, and prepare the menu for your next outdoor celebration: inviting all the neighbors who keep admiring your beautifully restored deck and fence (and they will)!

(* Home Owners Associations – call Anew Contractors to professionally power-wash and treat miles of fences professionally with efficiency and beautiful results. They’ll make you AND your neighborhood look good!)

If you’re ready to make your deck last like your memories, call or text today at 765-250-4603

We’ll get you on our schedule, so you can have yours back!

In the meantime, here’s our contribution to your summertime celebration:

Summer shish kebabs recipe links:

Add some fresh melon and cool drinks – and don’t forget the disposable tableware for easy clean-up.

Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy your deck and fence restoration – and your neighbor’s appreciation!