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Enjoy the Autumn, Avoid the Fall

Four Reasons You Must Clean Your Gutters (and Staying Safe to Do it)!

Autumn is a beautiful time to live in Indiana. The air is cool and crisp, the sky is azure blue, and the leaves are gorgeous reds, golds, and burgundies. It’s rejuvenating and inspiring!

While most people are familiar with the concept of motivated “spring cleaning”, Hoosiers have an autumn version, too. Fall is when Indiana residents are trading out their landscaping and their wardrobes, finishing up summer projects and squeezing in a few extras, and generally preparing for a comfortable, safe winter. Fall preparation often includes driveway sealing, neglected house maintenance, furnace check-ups, winter garden prep, and the inevitable gutter clean out. (Okay, so maybe next year… that is WAY too much of a hassle!)


Before you decide it’s not worth the effort to clean your gutters annually, there’s something you should know: Dirty gutters lead to four BIG problems you DON’T want:

  1. Heavy build-up of dirt, grime, and plant materials (including those baby trees you see) – Besides the mess it creates, by the time you give in to cleaning, the extra weight can cause gutters to pull away from roofs, soffits, and facia, damaging and exposing wood to the elements – more trouble!
  2. Overflowing run-off in unwanted places instead of properly directed down drainpipes – Excess water in random spots can lead to everything from ruined landscapes to damaged foundations (WAY costly to fix)! In winter, dripping water becomes slippery ice spots and dangerous icicles.
  3. Costly damage to gutters, roofs, siding, and wood – Besides the stain of overflow leaks, the extra weight can cause gutters to break. Leaks rot wood under your siding and eaves. Misdirected water can also damage door and window frames, causing leaks and necessitating expensive repairs.
  4. Major damage caused by winter ice dams – When melting snow has nowhere to go, it creates frozen “puddles” on your roof. The weight of these dams can collapse eves, gutters, and even parts of your roof. This damage then causes leaks into your home – NOT what you want to discover in the middle of a cold winter night!

Convinced gutter cleaning is important? Still don’t want to do it? Who can blame you! Gutter washing itself can be as risky as not doing it. First, it takes equipment. Do you have more than a hose with a spray nozzle and a less-than-stable, tall ladder? How are you at heights? How about working from them? Yes, it’s easy to see why leaf removal is so often “postponed” until the damage has already begun.

Here’s the good news. Lafayette, Indiana and surrounding counties have the trained, insured, bonded, equipped, capable, affordable expertise of Anew Contractors to call on. They exchange your anxiety and procrastination for peace-of-mind and pro-action.

For individuals, gutter clean-out is an annual (at best) ritual that takes time, risk, equipment, and effort one isn’t properly prepared for. With Anew, gutter cleaning is easy. They’ve been cleaning gutters for so long, they’re prepared and skilled at it. They have all the right equipment and techniques for cleaning both the gutters and the mess left from the job. What might take you days to do takes them hours.

We haven’t even mentioned Anew’s comprehensive 7-point inspection. Their full report divulges prior or potential damage, saving you expensive future repairs. They also have trusted sources they can recommend if maintenance is necessary.

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. Gutter cleaning is not optional.
  2. Risks to property are involved in not removing debris.
  3. Risks to DIYer’s are involved in the leaf removal process.
  4. All the above are covered by the experts at Anew Contractors.

By contacting Anew, you save precious time and priceless risk. With a simple phone call, text, or email, you can have clean gutters, clean property, peace-of-mind, and a whole extra weekend (or more) to enjoy the true beauty of an Indiana autumn.

No more procrastinating!

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(And if you need a hand with any other maintenance, ask us for our list of trusted service companies.)

(And if you need a hand with any other maintenance, ask us for our list of trusted service companies.)

Now that you’ll have a free weekend or two, check out these lists of one-tank travel destinations to enjoy the fall leaves (much better than the fall off a ladder!)

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Who’s Got You Covered?

The summer sun brings welcome warmth and brightness to Lafayette, Indiana. People are out and about, shopping, eating, and being active. Often, people seek a shady spot to enjoy a respite – and maybe a refreshing drink. If your business boasts outdoor awnings, you’re providing prime real estate for customers to relax outdoors.

Set apart spectacularly!

Cool shade is one benefit of awning ownership, but not the only one. Whether indoors or out, canopies and similar features add a festive look. Those ‘extra mile’ additions to a façade or department invite curious customers to investigate what’s underneath the protective covers. They announce, “Something special is here!”

Awnings and canopies set your space apart and are an investment that pays off. Picture a restaurant, storefront, or area where you know there’s a distinctive treatment. Now picture it without. When it’s missing, you notice. Like a house without shutters, something just doesn’t look right. Adding back the ‘extras’ completes the picture.

Your building’s appearance, including your special features, give customers a first impression of the quality they’ll find beyond the front door. These elements are an integral part of your brand, and their cleanliness reflects on your business.

Keep your investment covered

You’ve covered your clients and curb-appeal, but who covers your reputation by keeping your awnings and building faces clean? When the sun shines on your surfaces, you want awesome … not awful.

Thankfully, Tippecanoe County and surrounding areas have Anew Contractors.

Anew cares for your investment with hard work and soft washes. Our techniques and technology give you an awe-inspiring clean without the damage caused by harsh methods. Anew evaluates the condition of your features and façade before spray-washing and soft-scrubbing sparkle back into your space. Your building will look as fresh as a summer day – and with no trace of the work done to get it that way.

One more, significant ‘coverage’ in which you can rest assured – Anew’s crews are licensed, insured, and professionally trained, which means you take no risk when hiring us. (Compare that to putting your teenage worker on a ladder with a spray hose and a broom!) Power washing your building surfaces and enhancements has never been easier, safer, or more effective.

With Anew’s expert awning and façade cleaning, we’ve got you covered!

For a FREE estimate, call us today at 765-430-6692 or fill out the free estimate form by clicking here.

(If you need a new look and are considering awnings, canopies, or other features, we can connect you with trusted companies who can help. Ask us for a recommendation.)

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Nature – a Clear Window to Healing

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” – Rachel Carson

It’s no secret in the medical field that physical healing is frequently aided by the mental and emotional benefits of nature. Warm sunshine, gentle raindrops, wispy clouds, starlit skies – all can have a profound effect on one’s mental, and thus physical, well-being.

In any branch of the medical field, the goal is the same – help the patient return to wellness. Though there are many different paths to success, one thing can be agreed upon: mentality matters, and views of nature can aid in the process.

Many medical facilities already recognize the power of nature to healing as seen in their décor and landscaping. Some institutions boast courtyards in their complex, or a soothing fountain in their lobby area. All these are relevant provisions in engaging the mind in the healing process. One simple solution, however, is often overlooked: clean, clear windows.

Of all the conditions doctors’ or dentists’ offices, hospitals, or nursing care facilities can affect, sparkling clean windows represent one of the simplest, most economical solutions to calmed spirits, restful minds, and happy patients (and staff 😊). With the windows as a pre-existing condition of the building, maintaining them simply makes sense to the upkeep of your investment.

Proper window cleaning is a skill which serves as preventative maintenance to your investment and promotes improved patient care. The difficulty lies in the procedure itself. Many facilities have large numbers of windows – enough that maintenance crews can’t hope to keep up – especially with other duties as priority. Even small offices struggle to create that streak-free sparkle. As any doctor knows, expert tools and techniques matter.

Hiring a professional to clean your windows can seem daunting. All medical institutions face the dilemma of hiring a contractor due to the unique insurance and scheduling concerns in the industry. Whether a physician’s complex, chiropractic center, optometrist’s building, surgery center, dental facility, long or short-term care establishment, or even urgent care facility, the symptoms are the same.

Thankfully, Anew Contractors are as qualified in treating medical facilities as the doctors are at treating their patients. With four different types of insurance protection and experienced, non-invasive scheduling skills, Anew alleviates the pain of hiring a pro.

Anew Contractors specializes in exterior cleaning of medical facilities and are fully approved by reputable firms; with a little research, you might find they’re already set up for your facility’s requirements. Their painless, customizable “Set it and Forget it” program makes maintaining your windows routine – no more worries.

Whether you’re the property manager, director of maintenance or housekeeping, or even the custodian, your position’s success is a vital part of patient recovery and well-being. Anew Contractors is ready to come to your aid, reflecting the same quality you promote.

Find the relief you’ve been seeking.

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