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Who’s Got You Covered?

The summer sun brings welcome warmth and brightness to Lafayette, Indiana. People are out and about, shopping, eating, and being active. Often, people seek a shady spot to enjoy a respite – and maybe a refreshing drink. If your business boasts outdoor awnings, you’re providing prime real estate for customers to relax outdoors.

Set apart spectacularly!

Cool shade is one benefit of awning ownership, but not the only one. Whether indoors or out, canopies and similar features add a festive look. Those ‘extra mile’ additions to a façade or department invite curious customers to investigate what’s underneath the protective covers. They announce, “Something special is here!”

Awnings and canopies set your space apart and are an investment that pays off. Picture a restaurant, storefront, or area where you know there’s a distinctive treatment. Now picture it without. When it’s missing, you notice. Like a house without shutters, something just doesn’t look right. Adding back the ‘extras’ completes the picture.

Your building’s appearance, including your special features, give customers a first impression of the quality they’ll find beyond the front door. These elements are an integral part of your brand, and their cleanliness reflects on your business.

Keep your investment covered

You’ve covered your clients and curb-appeal, but who covers your reputation by keeping your awnings and building faces clean? When the sun shines on your surfaces, you want awesome … not awful.

Thankfully, Tippecanoe County and surrounding areas have Anew Contractors.

Anew cares for your investment with hard work and soft washes. Our techniques and technology give you an awe-inspiring clean without the damage caused by harsh methods. Anew evaluates the condition of your features and façade before spray-washing and soft-scrubbing sparkle back into your space. Your building will look as fresh as a summer day – and with no trace of the work done to get it that way.

One more, significant ‘coverage’ in which you can rest assured – Anew’s crews are licensed, insured, and professionally trained, which means you take no risk when hiring us. (Compare that to putting your teenage worker on a ladder with a spray hose and a broom!) Power washing your building surfaces and enhancements has never been easier, safer, or more effective.

With Anew’s expert awning and façade cleaning, we’ve got you covered!

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(If you need a new look and are considering awnings, canopies, or other features, we can connect you with trusted companies who can help. Ask us for a recommendation.)

Awning Cleaning: After

3 Simple Secrets to Attract Customers to Your Business with Curb Appeal

Happy Spring!

Ready for some fresh air and spring cleaning? We are, too!

For many businesses, spring means winter-weary customers emerging again.  (YAY!) Hoosier’s come to life in the spring, just like the nature around them.  They’re eager to get out and do things – eat, shop, repair, redecorate, remodel, landscape, and spend money (especially with their new tax checks)!

The customers are ready for your business, but is your business ready for customers?

In spring, it’ especially important for local businesses to freshen up their winter-dulled exteriors. Your eyes may be used to your place’s “winter remains”, but to your customers, the “leftovers” stand out more than you think. Follow these 3 tips to take your venue from grime to sublime:

  1. Make it sparkle!

The next time you’re out, notice the sidewalks and entryways of the places you visit. Are they clean and inviting? Is the entrance fit for royalty, or just for the James Dean crowd?

Would you recommend the place to your teens for Prom Night dinner or to your mother-in-law for a great place to shop? Would you feel confident encouraging your boss to walk into this establishment?

So how does your business’s curb-appeal measure up? Pay attention to details.

Watch for:

  • Blackened gum spots on sidewalks
  • Oil stains in the parking lot and drive-thru lane
  • Dulled – formerly white – concrete
  • Bird droppings under landscape trees
  • Grit and grime in corners and around the front door
  • Dirty exterior walls – especially around doors and windows
  • Dingy canopies

Restoring sparkle is Anew Contractors’ specialty! Our trained professionals, industrial equipment, and expert techniques make any business shine. Cleaned concrete, walls, and canopies make a statement in your curb appeal. Your care attracts customers!

Cleaning your exterior properly can save you from savvy eyes of The Inspector, too! That’s value!

  1. Freshen Things Up!

It doesn’t take much to add beauty to your newly cleaned outdoors. Fresh mulch and fragrant flowers brighten up a spot. With landscaping, the sky’s the limit! (Or, maybe the ground’s the limit in this case.) Depending on your budget, you can keep it sweet and simple, or complex and creative. To make a wise decision, keep these things in mind:

  • Cost – Landscaping can be as little as a load of mulch or some simple potted flowers by the entrance. It can also grow into lavish hardscapes like fountains, stone walkways, and sitting walls. Decide your budget before you start.
  • Maintenance – Who will take care of it once it’s in place? What’s required to do so? Greenery and flowers need water, bushes need trimming, and ponds require daily upkeep. On the other hand, rock gardens and mulch provide long-lasting ground cover with little maintenance (though they still need to be weeded in summertime).
  • Layout – From the simplest flowerpots to the most ornate outdoor-scapes, beautiful landscaping requires planning. The pro’s make it look easy, but without a plan, it can just look like chaos. Once you’ve determined your budget and maintenance needs, make a plan – or call a professional to lay out one for you.

Anew Contractors can recommend trusted professionals to help you with your landscape needs. And if your grass fertilizer causes rust spots on the sidewalk, we can clean it up for you easy-peasy.

  1. Let There be Light!

When it comes to curb appeal, a little light goes a long way! Lighting can add intrigue, romance, or excitement to your business’s exterior. It can also draw customers’ eyes to prominent features such as the entryway or your business logo. This is a great element to consider for after-dark businesses like restaurants or theaters. There are so many ways to use light, too!

Consider these lighting options:

  • Spot – Spotlights highlight the beauty of trees, sculptures, logos, flags, and special decorations.
  • Path – Customers become celebrities walking the lit path to your entrance.
  • Neon – From vintage art-deco to modern Times Square, neon adds flare to any space.
  • Decorative –Uniquely designed lights can serve as their own attraction.
  • Water feature – Colored lights in a pond or fountain double the feature’s appeal.
  • String – Create a Mediterranean atmosphere with tree-strung “Christmas” lights.
  • LED Rope – Multi-colored, pattern-changing lights make your venue modern and exciting!

Anew Contractors’ lighting connections really shine! Call us for our bright recommendations!

When you’re ready to refresh your exterior, start with an annual outdoor spring cleaning by calling or texting us at 765- 430- 6692

And when you’re ready for the next step, we’ll recommend the best!

 Happy Spring!