A car that’s well-oiled and serviced runs better, so there’s no surprise that solar panels do their job more efficiently when they’re given the same level of attention. Beyond the set of wheels in our garages, we like to keep our windows crystal-clear and free of grime, too. So why should cleaning our solar panels be any exception? The question should more be focused on when you need a professional cleaning, and how frequently. We recommend that panels be cleaned and inspected at a minimum once every six months. Cleaning at regular intervals prevents buildup of residue and keeps your panels operating optimally at all times. The cost benefit of keeping your panels clean makes a regular cleaning schedule a no-brainer. Increasing the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more in heavy soil areas, like farms or air traffic paths, can greatly impact your energy bill savings. If you own or maintain a commercial solar panel array, you will no doubt be interested in reaping the largest financial reward from your array and seeing your return on investment (ROI) as soon as possible. Solar panel cleaning will help you to do just that. Having dirty solar panels can severely dent your ROI timeline. By having clean solar panels, more light hits the solar cells meaning more generation which in turn means greater ROI, sooner. We also provide a 5 point solar array health check including: -Inspection of the integrity of the glass of the solar panels – birds can cause breakage -Check the framework of the solar panels for signs of damage, warping or corrosion -Check for signs of damage from birds or squirrels -Check the inverter for error codes -Solar panel cleaning services Wherever and whenever possible, panels should be cleaned using purified water and a soft brush. Panels should not be cleaned with a pressure washer, as doing so could result in cracked glass. Abrasives and chemicals should also be avoided, as both can result in ‘rough spots’ on the panels where dirt is likely to accumulate. Tap water and chemicals can leave a residue on your panels that can inadvertently encourage dirt to accumulate. This is one of the reasons that having your panels cleaned professionally is a good idea. Using a deionized water system to give an effectively spot free finish that is more resistant to becoming dirty will also give you a better result with a longer-lasting impact. We have carried out solar panel cleaning on large scale ground mounted solar farms and commercial buildings across Indiana. Your solar panels are an expensive investment and you can trust them to be cleaned by insured and trained professionals. Call Anew Contractors today to get a free estimate or consultation pertaining to your solar panel cleaning needs. Or use our easy contact form on our website