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  • Awning Cleaning: Before and After
    Awning Cleaning: Before and After
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Let our awning cleaning experts help you!

Dingy, dusty, mildewed awnings send the wrong message to your customers. You purchased the awnings for that extra appeal, but when they’re covered with dust, grime, and bird droppings, they don’t look so appealing. And the price you would pay to replace them necessitates regular maintenance. So you get on your ladder armed with a broom and a hose, right? Is it time to call the experts? Is it time to get an awning cleaning with Anew?

STOP!!! Those DIY techniques will cause more harm than good! These all-to-common “cleaning” techniques leave dust broom “rainbows”, water splatter marks, and a mess below on all your valuable merchandise and property. Worse yet, they shorten the life of your investment and commonly cause holes or tears in your awnings.

Remember, those attractive-looking awnings are as fragile as they are expensive!

So what can you do to maintain the beauty and integrity of your investment?

Call Anew Contractors; we take awning cleaning service to a higher level!

Our specialized equipment and trained, fully-insured, competent workers will gently clean your awnings. We understand the value in both cost and allure of your building’s accessories. Our soft-wash system will restore that clean attractive look you bought them for, while preserving the integrity of your investment.

Inside awnings over meat, deli, and bakery counters or other specialty departments require cleaning, too. The trick is how to clean them without threatening your valuable inventory. Anew’s specialized vacuum system contains the dust and grime while our careful procedures protect all merchandise and property below.

Outside awnings over entrances and eating areas are often the targets of birds and the victims of rusty drips from fire escapes, signage, or other building materials. Anew’s expertise knows just how to clean them without damaging the material.

Anew Contractors commitment to preserving your investment is seen in our specialized education credits on the best techniques available. Combine Anew’s continued education with our specifically designed equipment and you’ve got clean, preserved, attractive awnings.

Don’t wait until your expensive awnings are too far gone to fix! Call Anew Contractors to gently, expertly clean and maintain them. And if you’re not sure whether there’s enough life left in them to make cleaning worthwhile, Anew’s awning cleaning experts can help you determine that, too.

You can trust Anew Contractors to give you a straight answer, because we want your trust for the long-haul, not just the moment. So get on the phone and set up your appointment today. You’ll be relieved by the results![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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