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    Building Washing: During
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Let our building washing experts help you!

Mildew, “green stuff”, rust stains, “sign drip”, graying sandstone or limestone, and general atmospheric grime can cost you reputation and profits as a property owner or manager. Let Anew help with all of your commercial building washing needs.

Commercial buildings = Big Investments! Protect your investment by cleaning and maintaining your building’s exterior look. Good property managers understand the value of a clean exterior in attracting tenants. HUD property managers know, too, that maintaining a mildew-free exterior is vital to pass government inspection.

Anew Contractors’ commercial building washing will restore your building’s exterior look to clean, attractive, and environmentally compliant. Our soft-wash system is gentle enough to use on sandstone and limestone without damaging the integrity of the stone. Your building will be as bright as your smile when you see the improvement to your investment!

Anew’s building washing removes stains you thought would never disappear. You’ll feel as refreshed as your building will look. Do you know the natural color of your building? Maybe not before Anew’s building cleaning, but you’ll know it when we’ve finished! Your building will stand out like a beacon along the landscape.

Best of all, you know you can trust in a company who’s been servicing the Greater Lafayette, IN area and vicinity for more than two decades! No fly-by-night worries; you know we’ll be there when you need us. We even commit to long-term maintenance programs. You won’t have to worry about remembering to call when that next inspection is due. We’ll communicate with you!

With Anew Contractors’ commercial building washing services, your investors will be happy; your tenants will be happy; your inspectors will be happy; and you will be ecstatic!

Call Anew and join the list of highly satisfied customers. We’ll make your building look like new, making you look like a hero to your company![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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