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  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning: After
    Dumpster Pad Cleaning: After
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Let our dumpster pad cleaning experts help you!

It HAS to be done! By not cleaning your dumpster pad regularly, you invite pests, rodents… and lawsuits. You also repel customers due to the nasty look and smell. That’s not your style. You have a business to run and you take your job seriously.

Your average 16-year-old kid carrying grease isn’t always the most careful. Even with the most conscientious employees, spills happen. Grease gathers on the outside of the dumpster, dripping down onto the concrete. Eventually it oozes out beyond your dumpster pad. Now you’ve got an unsightly, smelly, and dangerously slippery mess, even in your parking area. (And you know how inspectors and lawyers love that!)

Anew Contractor’s dumpster pad cleaning removes the grease, eliminating the unsightly mess and smell to restore your property’s aesthetics and sanitation. Our specialized equipment and expertise also preserve the integrity of your equipment; too much pressure and you’ve got damage – and cost!

More importantly, our dumpster pad degreasing process eliminates the occupational hazards of slipping on greasy-slick surfaces. (Sorry lawyers and inspectors, you’ll have to make payday somewhere else.)

Degreasing your dumpster pad will help maintain your property value and safety standards. With Anew Contractors at your service, instead of running to the hospital with an injured employee, you can focus on running your business. That’s peace of mind![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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