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Let our pressure washing experts help you!

Inspection time! Are you ready? How will your performance review read based on the cleanliness of your property? How about that big event you’re putting to gain the interest of prospective new clients? Is it time for a pressure washing? Appealing property attracts customers. If your property is dirty, it repels the customers you’re trying to impress. Even worse, grease and oil on your concrete can lead to lawsuits and workman’s comp claims.

You know the truth, but you’re too busy and lack the proper equipment to do the job right. Power washing sounds easy, but without the appropriate equipment and technique, your employees will just make a bigger mess trying.

Anew Contractors has both the knowledge and the ability to make your property gleam. We’re committed to providing the same quality outside your building as you provide inside. We’re experts at pressure washing, knowing just how much pressure it takes to make your concrete sparkle without eating it away in the process. Our specialized equipment allows for quick and thorough cleaning with minimal disruption to your business.

Loading docks, drive thru’s, concrete parking areas, sidewalks, vehicle and pedestrian entrances – all are subject to spills and grime build-up. Whether it’s discarded chewing gum, leaking vehicle fluids, spilled drinks, dripped grease, or basic grime and garbage, Anew Contractors’ power pressure washing can brighten your concrete – and your day. Our mobile hot water pressure cleaning will restore your property to its attractive beauty. Your customers will feel refreshed by the clean look of your property, and your workers will feel safe to walk the premises. And don’t forget the relief you’ll experience when your review is due!

You’ll feel good about your property again. Best of all, Anew Contractors offers a basic maintenance program to bring you year-round peace of mind. Call Anew Contractors for your power pressure washing needs and let your less savvy competitors do the worrying.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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