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Making Memories that Last

Your hand slips slightly from the beads of water on your glass as you raise the cool beverage to your lips. You smile at the children laughing in the kiddie pool just beyond your deck-perch. Laughing yourself, you call them in to get ready for dinner, your mouth watering already with the pleasant aroma of backyard barbeque. The kids’ wet footprints and dripping swimsuits dot your deck with tiny puddles. Soon, others will arrive for an evening of memories shared and made anew.

This is summertime in Indiana.

We know the good weather and opportunity for outdoor time will only last so long. Preserving your precious memories is paramount. Protecting your time to make those memories is equally important. Caring for your well-chosen investment of your deck, pergola, and other outdoor wood structures that provide those precious memories just makes good sense.

As wonderful as the warm summer sun, drip-droppy footprints, smoky barbeque, and lots of foot traffic are for preserving memories, they aren’t so good at preserving your deck. Hot sun dries the wood; water expands it, creating cracks; and lots of foot traffic and food debris take their toll on your wood surfaces. Add to that the reality of Indiana’s changing seasons, and your investment in money and memories can quickly lose it’s luster if not properly maintained.

Thankfully, Anew Contractors knows how to clean, prepare, and maintain your deck to give you many years of memories. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Evaluate its current condition; no need to invest more than necessary, no point in doing less.
  2. Pre-treat the wood to kill mildew and loosen dead fibers – deck busters if left unchecked.
  3. Clean the wood of dirt, debris, mold, algae, etc. with their soft-wash pressure washing system.
  4. Condition the wood to restore proper moisture and original color – big results, but not done yet!
  5. Apply a true, wood-preserving oil stain for a beautiful finish to last from kindergarten kiddie pool to grade school birthday parties.

While you’re welcome to spend your hard-earned weekends stripping, preparing, cleaning, conditioning, staining, and sealing your deck yourself, Anew Contractors can have you back on deck faster and save you the hassle and the money of lower-quality DIY products and equipment. (Of course, they’re also available to come re-do the DIY job later after it starts to peel. ????)

OR …

You can call Anew Contractors to do the job right the first time (look at their reviews!) and while they’re at it, they can restore and maintain your wood *fence, pergola, wooden shed or other structure. In the meantime, you can relax, enjoy, and prepare the menu for your next outdoor celebration: inviting all the neighbors who keep admiring your beautifully restored deck and fence (and they will)!

(* Home Owners Associations – call Anew Contractors to professionally power-wash and treat miles of fences professionally with efficiency and beautiful results. They’ll make you AND your neighborhood look good!)

If you’re ready to make your deck last like your memories, call or text today at 765-250-4603

We’ll get you on our schedule, so you can have yours back!

In the meantime, here’s our contribution to your summertime celebration:

Summer shish kebabs recipe links:

Add some fresh melon and cool drinks – and don’t forget the disposable tableware for easy clean-up.

Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy your deck and fence restoration – and your neighbor’s appreciation!

house washing kokomo indiana

“It’s not easy being green.”

“Going green” is a popular catchphrase today. It represents clean, healthy, environmentally friendly products and services. It brings to mind grassy fields, budding trees, and lush lawns. Green yards are great! Green on the side of your house, however, not so much.

Green algae, as well as black and brown mold (often mistakenly called “mildew”), can grow on even the best quality siding, giving your home an old, dirty look. Usually, just like the old adage, it grows on the house’s north side. The cause? Lack of sunshine to dry out the continual moisture in the air. Other constantly shaded spots can suffer as well.

The mold presents no particular danger, except maybe the lowering of your home’s aesthetic value. If left untreated, it will grow to cover the entire surface. Many residents pride themselves in their home’s “curb-appeal” (especially when buying or selling a home). Moldy siding detracts from an otherwise attractive property.

Take a walk…

Think about it: have you walked through a neighborhood where someone has taken great pains to maintain an immaculate lawn with beautiful landscaping? Perhaps they have a perfectly poised porch swing, and a well-maintained walk &/or driveway, too. Lovely – until you notice the dingy brown or green spots on their otherwise white picket fence or home siding. Not so pretty anymore, right? Suddenly the property seems older and less cared for – disappointing.

The scene isn’t unusual, and it isn’t due to resident neglect. It’s just a part of living in Indiana where damp weather is common and takes its toll on our homes. Wet weather can also cause rust stains from things like leaky drain pipes. Again, a disappointing detraction from an otherwise pretty property.

So what can you do to protect the look and value of your property? The good news is – it’s pretty simple. With the right technique, equipment, and safe detergent, the mold, algae, and even rust stains can be washed away leaving your siding as appealing as the rest of your home (and leaving your neighbor’s asking you how you made your home look so good).

What does your ideal weekend look like?

If your dream weekend includes standing for long hours holding the wand of a store-bought pressure washer and scrub brush, the tools are certainly available. Of course, you’ll probably want some rubber gloves and boots too; cleanup requires getting messy.  And don’t forget the ladder to reach the stuff up high – while holding the wand – and scrubbing. Yeah, you might want to keep your cell phone handy and poised to dial 911, too. This seemingly simple task can prove to be dangerous; just ask your friendly emergency room tech. If you’re going to do it on your own, prepare properly and be safe.

If, however, the above scenario is not your idea of a fun couple of weekends, Anew Contractors are the heroes you’ve been hoping for. We come in, clean-cut and personable, easy to reach and easy to work with, trained, bonded, and insured, experts in exterior cleaning. We have the right equipment to soft-wash your siding while protecting your property and restoring your home’s beauty. Our specialty pressure washing system is safe enough to wash your dog or kids (but we’ll leave that to you). Even safer is you not climbing a ladder with hose in hand, hoping everything turns out well. Best of all, we can do in an afternoon what it takes a DIYer two full weekends to accomplish. That’s a lot of time saved, including all the cleanup required after the cleanup!

Get Refreshed!

Anew Contractors restores your home’s siding to its natural beauty while you enjoy a tall glass of your favorite refreshment and real weekend time with your family and friends. You can count on us to do a great job – we’re established professionals, not just weekend warriors who are here, then gone, never to be heard from again.

When you hire Anew Contractors to professionally power wash your home’s exterior, you get clean siding, peace of mind, no worries about safety, and, best of all, your precious weekends are once again yours to enjoy.

When you’re ready to restore your exterior, contact us by calling or texting us at 765-250-4603

We’ll get you on our schedule, so you can have yours back!

So what will you do with two whole weekends you would have used cleaning your house? We can even offer some solutions for that. Follow the links below for ideas of fun weekend getaways, now that you have your time back:


This is Indiana: